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  Laboratori Agroalimentari i Ambiental Girona - History

The laboratory was established in 1992 on the initiative of biologists, chemists, pharmacists and agronomists from the province of Girona. It was one of the first laboratories of its kind in the region, and the first analyses were performed in a small laboratory, situated in the Santa Eugenia neighbourhood of Girona.


In 1994, the laboratory moved to its current location, in the centre of Girona, where the work was optimized and different departments were created: Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Sample Collecting. It was during these years when the laboratory started performing analysis in the environment sector and it was recognized as an Assistant Technical Body of the Catalan Agency on Water (ACA). Consequently, the Department of Environmental Chemistry for waste water analysis was established in 1995.


In 1998 the Quality Department was created with the aim of working under the ISO standards, including every process and documentation of each activity. In 2005, after some years working in accordance to the ISO standards, we achieved the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on Food and Environmental Analysis Management. 


In 1999 a new regulation on food product labeling came into effect, and we have since offered a labeling service.


Since 2000, our clientele and workload has grown steadily, due to a greater awareness on food and environmental security in our society, and to a more thorough control of food companies.


Our company has worked together with educational institutions since its inception, which has allowed students to serve internships, thanks to agreements signed with different schools such as University Girona, secondary and professional schools, etc. The experience has always been very positive for both parties, and it speeds up the job placement process for students.

The laboratory has continuously taken advantage of the latest computer developments. At the start of the company a computer with laboratory management applications was already in place, and since 2001 the computer obtained results (from analysis equipment) have allowed greater control and traceability, so that errors are minimized.  

The laboratory currently uses the latest computer tools for information management in all of its departments, always in accordance to ISO standards.

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