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  Laboratori Agroalimentari i Ambiental Girona - Services
  Our laboratory offers the following services:
      We calculate confidential no-obligation estimates for our services.
    Control planning
      We create annual plans for sample collection in accordance to our client's needs and legal requirements.
    Sample collecting:
      We collect product samples at our laboratory or at our client's location.
    Product analysis
      Our laboratory performs microbiological, chemical and environmental tests on products in the following sectors: (link). Our techniques are approved and/or based on ISO, UNE-EN, and CeNAN standards or official methods.
We perform analysis for other laboratories, for companies, or for individuals.
    Results report
      Upon finishing the analysis, a report is electronically produced and sent to the client via E-mail, mail, fax, or delivered in person.
If any of the results do not comply with standards, the client will be notified immediately via  E-mail or over the telephone.
    Training for Food Handlers
      We carry out training courses for food handlers, both for individuals and for companies in the food sector. Courses are given in various languages. The company and the handlers are awarded with a certificate upon completion of the course.
    Product labelling
      We create, revise and update labels for different food products according to the current regulations.
We make nutritional labels which contain the nutritional characteristics of the product.
We also also prepare the Nutritional Facts label, which is required for exporting products to the USA.
    Food hygiene consulting
      Our experts in different areas offer consulting and/or implementation of risk analysis and critical issues.
    Food law consulting
      We provide consulting services in regards to obtaining official legal documents on food and environmental law, such as BOE, DOGC or DOCE.
    Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water, Declaration of Waste, Discharge Permit
      We arrange the required documents and apply for the Declaration of Use and Pollution of Water, the Declaration of Waste and the Discharge Permit at the competent authorities.
    Legal processes
      We discuss penalties and write arguments for presentation to the body imposing the penalties.
    Results and personal data protection guarantee
      In compliance with current legislation, we guarantee the confidentiality of all information collected from our clients and the results obtained from the analysis.
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